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Publisher Contact Information
(updated January 17, 2011)

As a service to Skyline College faculty members, the Bookstore has compiled a list of commonly used publishers at Skyline College. Click on a Publisher Quick Link below for the publisher representative's name and contact information.

Some publishers require that desk copy requests be made by mail or fax on college letterhead or NACS/AAP desk copy request form. Please click here to download the NACS/AAP desk copy request form.

Publisher representatives may differ for each campus. Please visit each campus bookstore's website for their list of representatives.

Please contact the bookstore if the publisher you are looking for is not listed.

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Publisher Quick Links

BarCharts Merriam-Webster
Dover Publications Elsevier Health Science
Includes: Saunders and Mosby
EMC Paradigm Goodheart-Wilcox Publishers
Hal Leonard Music Publishers Harper Collins Publishers
Houghton Mifflin John Wiley & Sons
Kendall Hunt Labyrinth Publications

W. W. Norton & Co.

REA Publishers
Pearson Education
Includes: Prentice Hall, Chek-Chart, PeachPit Press, Addison-Wesley, Benjamin Cummings, Allyn & Bacon, Longman, Brady, Longman ESL, and Pearson Custom Publishing
Cengage Learning
(formerly Thomson Learning)
Includes: Course Technology, Heinle & Heinle, Wadsworth, Delmar, West Legal Studies, Harcourt Brace, and Brooks/Cole
Random House Skyline Bookstore Custom Printing
Simon & Schuster F. A. Davis Publishing
Sybex Publishing Penguin Publishing
Von Holtzbrink Publishing Service
Includes: Bedford, St. Martin's Press,
W. H. Freeman, and Worth Publishing
Includes: McGraw-Hill, Glencoe, Mayfield
Oxford University Press  


Greg Chickman Phone: 650-574-3059
Sales Representative Company Phone: 800-226-7799

Dover Publications

Craig McCroskey  Fax: 650-429-2025
Sales Representative Phone: 650-533-1005

Elsevier Health Science

  Phone: 800-222-9570

EMC Paradigm

Robert Galvin Phone: 800-848-8122
Sales Representative E-mail:

Goodheart-Wilcox Publishers

Mark Jaderstrom Phone: 800-634-7479
Sales Representative E-mail:

Hal Leonard Music Publications

  Phone: 800-524-4425
  Fax: 414-774-3259

Harper Collins Publishers

  Fax: 800-822-4090
  Please see for special instructions.

Houghton Mifflin

Hougton Mifflin is now part of Cengage Learning.  Please see the representative for Cengage Learning that is for your area of instruction.

John Wiley & Sons

Brian Collins Phone: 415-824-4129
Sales Representative Company Phone: 800-225-5945
  John Wiley & Sons, Hungry Minds, Sybex, Cliffs Notes E-mail:

Kendall Hunt

Please check publisher's site.  Phone:
Sales Representative Company Phone: 800-228-0810

Labyrinth Publications, Inc.

Cindy Befort Phone: 877-784-3393
Sales Representative Company Phone: 800-552-9746

McGraw-Hill Publishing

Cortney Kiefer Phone: 800-228-0603
Sales Representative Fax: 563-589-4737
Economics, Accounting, Business
Katy Hutchins Phone: 800-992-9553
Sales Representative E-mail:

English, Foreign Language, Social Science, Humanities, Health Science, ESL

Kelly Post Phone: 800-742-6576
Sales Representative Fax: 563-589-2914
Physical Science, Biological Science, Mathematics
TBD Phone: 800-228-0867
Sales Representative Fax: 563-589-2914
Computer Science, Engineering
Susan Asche Phone: 800-258-2365
Sales Representative Fax: 563-584-6575
Computer Applications, Microsoft Press, Oracle Press, Programming Languages
Annette Acosta Phone: 510-261-7030
Sales Representative Fax: 510-261-9030




Sarah Fett Company Phone: 800-201-5029 ext. 141
Sales Representative E-mail:

Penguin Publishing

  Company Fax: 212-366-2933
  Please see for special instructions for desk copies.

Pearson Education

Includes: Prentice Hall | Chek-Chart | Peachpit Press | Addison-Wesley | Benjamin-Cummings | Allyn & Bacon | Longman | Longman ESL | Pearson Custom Publishing
Whitney Smith


Sales Representative Phone:925-989-9472
Humanities, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, World Languages
Rosie Ellis


Sales Representative Phone:617-771-7846
Mathematics, Statistics, Biological/Physical Sciences


Sales Representative Phone:
Business, Economics, Careers, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Health Science
Tracy Bailie

Sales Representative Phone: 510-981-0375
Longman ESL
Alan Bricker
Sales Representative Phone: 970-356-1002
Jennifer D. Ellis


Custom Publishing Sales Representative Phone: 925-768-2902

Random House

  Please see for special instructions for desk copies.

REA Publishers

Dan Perlman Phone: 415-626-9885
Sales Representative Company Phone: 732-819-8880

Simon & Schuster

Company Fax: 800-943-9831
  Please see for special instructions for desk copies.

Skyline Bookstore Custom Printing

Kevin Chak Phone: 650-738-4449
Store Manager Company Fax: 650-738-4309
Copyrighted and non-copyrighted material

Cengage Learning
(formerly Thomson Learing)

Kyle Rohrs Phone: 408-757-3409
Sales Representative Company Phone: 
Accounting, Business, Economics, Computing
Colleen May Phone:
Sales Representative Company Phone:
Delmar, Milady, West Legal Studies
Ileana Shevlin  Phone: 415-238-4250
Sales Representative Company Phone: 800-354-9706
Humanities, Languages, Political Science, Social Science
Christian Lorentz Phone: 415-299-0184
Sales Representative E-mail:
English as a Second Language
Sarah Farrant Phone:
Sales Representative Company Phone:
Computer Science, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Nutrition, Sciences, Statistics
Todd Fowler Phone:
Sales Representative Company Phone:
Real Estate

Macmillan Publishing Services
(formerly Von Holtzbrink Publishing Services)

Includes: Bedford-St.Martins Press, Worth, Bedford, W.W. Freedman

Hani Sayegh Phone: 408-242-5849
Sales Representative E-mail:

W. W. Norton & Co.

Nicole Albas Company Phone: 800-353-9909 ext. 573
Sales Representative E-mail:

Oxford University Press

Andrea Hill Company Phone: 800-280-0280
Sales Representative  
Humanities & Social Science
Jim Brooks Company Phone: 866-280-7250
Sales Representative  
Business, Engineering & Science

F. A. Davis Publishing

Doug Reynolds  
Sales Representative

Company Phone: 800-235-7538 ext. 7708