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About Skyline College Bookstore

Skyline College Bookstore was created in 1969 as a part of the SMCCD Bookstores, a not-for-profit, auxiliary service of the San Mateo County Community College District, to assist and serve the educational endeavors of Skyline College and its neighboring communities.

In January 2007, Skyline College Bookstore along with the Cafeteria, El Capitan Coffee, Security and Associated Students moved in to the brand new Student and Community Center.

Mission Statement

The mission of Skyline College Bookstore and the SMCCD Bookstores is to provide a convenient and efficient location for members of the Skyline College community to purchase books, school supplies, equipment and other services and merchandise to achieve their educational goals. The goal of the SMCCD Bookstores is to make a vital and significant contribution to its campus community.


  • To work harmonously with all members of the campus community
  • To work in conjunction with the SMCCD Board of Trustees to keep education accessible to everyone
  • To provide merchandise and retailing services at a margin to cover short term needs (working capital and maintenance) and long term needs (expansion of services, reserves to help ensure fiscal viability, and replacement of equipment)
  • To help provide funds to the college community for essential, educationally related programs & service